The project

The Lagobava project took off in 2001 when married couple Micaela Lago (Humanities graduate and trained Sommelier) and Gabriele Bava (oenologist, fourth generation Casa Bava, Cannobio www.casabava.com and permanent member of the prestigious Grand Jury Europeen www.grandjuryeuropeen.com), purchased 4 hectares of land surrounding an old farmstead in the village of Vignale Monferrato, with the intention of realizing their dream of producing a great wine, a wine that  would genuinely  reflect the best of this terroir.
Six small plots boasting clay soil and optimum exposure were newly planted with barbera, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and pinot nero vines. Thanks to the combination of excellent terrain and the expertise of a local agronomist, the quality of the resulting harvests  has been consistently high since the start. When perfect ripeness is reached, the grapes are harvested manually by a small squadron of hard-working friends and family and then entrusted to an outside consultant, oenologist Mario Ronco, once in the cellar. There they undergo temperature-controlled vinification and maleolactic fermentation  in oak barriques; the wine is then left on the lees for 12-24 months, depending on the year.

The different varieties are vinificate and refined separately until assemblage, at which point the proportions and desired characteristics of the premium orange label Lagobava wine are determined, as well as those of the second line, blue label L'AGO. In 2011, the pair bought a 60-year-old vineyard in Malvasia di Casorzo, with a viewe to producing a sublime dessert wine.
In 2010 born’s the thirth wine: L’AMO, a blend of Pinot Noir and Merlot; in 2013 born's the BARBERA and in the 2014 SOLOROSSO.
A Barbera grappa, aged in wood for 36 months  and distilled by the Antica Distilleria di Altavilla, one of the oldest distilleries in Piedmont, completes the gamut.
The labels were designed by Susanna Crisanti, art-director of Artemide.